Ecostore Dishwasher tablets 50tabs

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Ecostore all-in-one dishwasher tablets with built in rinse aid will leave your dishes beautifully clean, without nasty chemical residues.

The plant and mineral based ingredients in our dishwasher tablets provide powerful stain removal, while preventing spots, streaking and build up of limescale in your dishwasher. Our no-mess tablets are individually wrapped in a PVA biodegradable wrapper that dissolves in your machine, so there's no need to touch the tablet. Suitable for all dishwashing machines including dish drawers.

Base Ingredients
Sodium Carbonate · Sodium Citrate · Sodium Bicarbonate · Sodium Carbonate Peroxide · Sodium Disilicate  · Sorbitan Sesquioctanoate  · Tetraacetyl Ethalinediamine · Amylase · Protease · Sodium Polyaspartate · Glycerin · Poly Vinyl Alcohol 
Contains No Nasty Ingredients
Synthetic dyes · Synthetic Perfumes · Phosphates