Pure Food Essentials Popped Amaranth 200g

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Popped perfectly, these tiny little puffs of amaranth grain are a protein and fibre powerhouse! Puffed Amaranth is a nutritious, ready-to-eat addition to your breakfast nourish bowl and the perfect base for no-cook bliss balls, energy bars, protein balls, and muesli bars for school and work snacks. Recognised as a superfood, amaranth is an ancient grain containing 13-14% protein. It is absolutely gluten-free, is acceptable on a low FODMAP diet and is a low GI food. When popped, amaranth seeds retain their high nutritional profile.



Try this nutritious and delicious Energy Bar Recipe full of dried fruit, nuts and seeds, with dark chocolate to make it just a little bit naughty! Popped Amaranth helps to bind it all together, gives it a lovely texture, and provides a burst of energy just when it’s needed.