Tom Organic feminine products

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Tom Organic tampons come in Mini, Regular & Super. No chlorine bleaches, no dyed strings, no polypropylene (plastic) outer layers. Our tampons contain only 1 ingredient: certified organic cotton. They are as comfortable, easy to use and absorbent as any other tampon. Plus, our cleverly designed slim packs mean no more tampons jumping around in your handbag.
Ultra-thin and ultra-comfortable, with wings for extra protection, Tom Organic pads are hypoallergenic and clinically tested to reduce the risk of irritation. Available in both ultra thin regular and overnight options, all individually wrapped for your convenience, our pads have you covered for any occasion.

Tom Organic liners are hypoallergenic, soft and gentle on your skin. In fact, they’re so comfortable you could wear them every day. No cellulose pulp, no chlorine or dioxin bleach, no perfumes mean that we’ve got your everyday comfort front of mind.