Woohoo Body Natural Deodorant

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Woohoo! has been put through its paces by some pretty extreme Aussies so you can count on it to see you through:

Tough, sweaty workouts

Searing summer heatwaves

Long, stressful days at work

And it does all this without a HINT of body odour, leaving you free to focus on being your most awesome, toxin-free self.

100% natural. It just works. Vegan friendly. Cruelty free.

Born and bred in Newcastle, NSW, Australia, it’s the gentlest natural deodorant you’ll find.

It is incredible value with one jar lasting about 5 months. 
It's fast acting and long lasting, helps to control wetness by absorbing moisture, rubs on clear and doesn't mark clothes, extra gentle on the skin and doesn't sting after shaving, subtle unisex fragrance using 100% pure essential oils, all natural and free from aluminium, phthalates and parable a, vegan and cruelty free.

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